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History & evolution of rummy. Rummy is a game which is loved by almost all card game enthusiasts in India.

The History of Rummy

Rummy games are played all over the world in various countries, and the games are played by a big range of people as well as ages. Here, we will look at the background and history of 13 card game and why they have been considered so popular. In fact, rummy is the third most popular game… Read More »

Rummy History | Rummy Card Game History

It is mentioned in Wikipedia that David Parlett (The Penguin Book of Card Games, 1978) describes the Mexican game of Conquian as being the father to all rummy games. Conquian rummy history is around 400 years old and was played in Spain and Mexico and later rummy reached America where people say that Conquian or Rummy… Read More »