What is the Role of Jokers in Indian Rummy 13 Cards Game

By | May 2, 2017

Joker is also known as the trump card in Indian rummy. It is one card that helps you form your sequences and sets fast and declare yourself as the winner.

Role of Joker in Indian Rummy

But what is really the role of Jokers in Indian rummy, especially when you are playing rummy for cash. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of Joker in rummy.

Types of Joker

There are two types of Jokers in the 13 card game. One is the Joker card that is the part of the deck of cards. The other is that one card that is also called the ‘wild card’ and is used as the Joker. Both of these cards can be used to form sets and sequences in a rummy game.

Important things to know about the Joker

  1. A Joker can be used to form both sets and sequences. However, if you are trying to form a pure sequence with the help of a Joker it is not counted.
  2. One Joker card can only replace one card and not multiple cards. So, for example you have Jack, Queen and 10, 8 then you can use Joker to replace King or 9, but not both of them.
  3. If by mistake a player has discarded a Joker, then it can’t be picked by other players.
  4. In Indian rummy, once all cards are dealt, one card is kept face up in the closed pile. This is the wild card or the Joker wild card. All cards of the same face value will be considered as Joker for the game.
  5. In a typical game of rummy there are a total of 10 Joker cards. 2 Jokers are available from each deck and 1 Joker is generally at the bottom of the closed deck. The remaining Jokers are in the play.

Tricks to use Jokers smartly

If you have more than two Jokers in your hand, then first group them separately. Try to make as many sequences and sets without them, going for the pure sequence as the very first thing. Once you have formed all possible groups, use your Jokers to complete the remaining groups.

Discard cards close of Joker

You need to do this one quite carefully. Discard cards that are close to the wild card or Joker card of the game. For example, 6♥ is the wild Joker for the game. Then it is a good idea to discard cards like 3♥, 4♥, 5♥, 7♥. This will make your opponent get stuck as he will not want to waste his Joker to form a pure sequence. So, your opponent will not really be able to use your discarded cards.

Many Jokers in Hand

Players generally feel very happy if they have many Jokers in the hand. However, this reduces your chance to form a pure sequence. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then discard one Joker as your opponent can’t pick your card.

Use your Joker card wisely and win rummy for cash games online smoothly.

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