What is the best way to celebrate Ugadi Festival?

By | March 31, 2017

Ugadi is the festival of innovation and beginning of new interests. As showed by Hindu calendar, it is said as the primary day of the New Year. Ugadi is praised with merry intensity in Andhra Pradesh , Maharashtra and Karnataka. The importance of binds mango leaves identifies with a legend. Green mango leaves to the entryway meaning a decent harvest and general prosperity. The celebration of Ugadi is marked by religious zeal and social merriment. How about we make this New Year more joyful!

ugadi rummy tournaments

Try not to scratch your brains, we will reveal to you why amid the propitious and bubbly period of Ugadi, individuals are insane over adding to their riches. You can enjoy Ugadi by playing rummy with your friends and family. As everyone will be in the celebration perspective, RummyCircle here adds one more inspiration to light up this Ugadi by making it more joyful.

Ugadi Rummy Utsav:  Save the date 29th March 2017 – Registration starts from 9 am, Prize money of Rupees 5 lakhs!!

Start off the first day of the New Year with traditional sweets and Rummy wins. All things considered, your first day chooses how rest of the year would be for you!

Celebrate ugadi with a twist – with cards in your grasp, a grin all over and huge wins of up to Rs.5 Lakh. You don’t make the year prosperous by longing for it, you do as such by playing your Game!

Is it safe to state that it isn’t energizing? By then, what are you sitting tight for? Hurry up and start enrolling for Ugadi Rummy Utsav. Thinking how to get enrolled in the utsav? Only login to your RummyCircle account and find the “Promotions” tab and click on Ugadi Rummy Utsav tab. And you know what! You can play this 13 card game with absolutely no entry fee. Ie; entry fee is nill!!

Make an effort not to miss the shot of making this Ugadi, a glorious one! Transformed into a top notch part at RummyCircle and value each one of the benefits of being a star player. RummyCircle wishes everyone a Happy Ugadi. May this Ugadi brings packs of bliss and flourishing in your life!

So what’s you are waiting for, download rummy app and play rummy anytime anywhere.

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