Travelling long distance, kill time with Indian Card game – Rummy

By | February 5, 2016

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we say “Long distance travel”. The first thought that comes to our mind is what would you do to pass time? Logically thinking, there are many options like Watching Movies, Read books, Chit-Chatting with others our simply watching outside. But all these options can be explored depending on the mode of transport.

I prefer travelling by train instead of going by bus even if both these options are available for both the routes. One of the primary advantages of travelling by train is that you can walk around the compartment, get down when there is an intermediate halt and most of all, it is an interesting place where you get meet varied people J When I was on such a trip from Bengaluru to Mumbai, some of my friends insisted that I should carry a pack of cards. I was amazed about why they were saying so!! They told that since it is a long journey, at one point in time you would get bored by watching movies or reading books. So once you are bored, create a small group so that you can play 13 card game.

My next question to him is “What are some of the available card games in India” which would be fit for playing in trains as well (Remember, we did not want to play any game that involves money since that would have been a Gamble).

Some of the card games that can be explored as below:

3-2 5: In case of 3-2-5, the number of cards are reduced from 52 to 30. Cards from value of 8 onwards for all the suits, 7 of Hearts, 7 of Spades are included. This leaves us with total of 30 cards. It is only a 3 player game. There are total of 10 tricks.

A dealer is chosen one by one. One who deals the cards is supposed to make 2 tricks, the next players needs to do 5 tricks and the third player needs to do 3 tricks. The second player also gets a chance to choose the Trump. 5 Cards are distributed to each player.
The lead player is the one who sets the trump. The next set of players can set the trump are the ones who win the trick. On each trick or turn, the player who has attained the highest wins unless that player has been trumped. It is very much possible that a particular make more or less tricks than what is expected. This would impact the next deal.

Satte Pe Satti: This game can be played with 3 to 10 players. The person with 7 of ‘Hearts’ starts the game. The next player either places 7 of other suit or 6/8 of ‘Heart’. The main aim is to finish the cards in hand or at least clear off the heavy cards and also block the other player’s cards. Game ends when one player finishes all the cards. Points are calculated at the end and the player with the least points is declared the ‘Winner’

Indian Rummy (or Rummy)Indian Rummy is not only a card game but a “Brain Vitalizer”. It is a great exercise for your brain since the player needs to keep a watchful eye on his opponent’s game since that decides the next steps. It is an awesome game that can help you to how to improve your concentration level.

Coming to the how to play rummy, it is a game that can be played with 2 or 6 players. It can be played with a single deck or 2 decks of cards. A player needs to first distribute the cards to all the players and that is called as “Dealing”. Joker or a Paplu is selected at the start of the game. Joker is powerful card and hence we also call it as the trump card.

Sets & Sequences form the core of the game. Set has 3 or more cards containing of the different suits but of the same value. Sequence has 3 or more cards containing of same suit but the cards need to be in a sequence/order. Pure Sequence is very different from normal Sequence since it is a Sequence that does not involve any Joker. Player who declares Rummy needs to have at least one Pure Sequence.

The detailed rules of Rummy need to be mastered in order to have a great hold on the game.

With so many options for card games in India, I decided to explore them in the train. Obviously, I had some initial acquaintance with my fellow passengers. But when I proposed these options, most of them opted for the Indian Rummy and the reason was very well-known J I am sure if my friend wouldn’t have suggested me to carry a pack of cards, I would have been a tired & exhausted person by the time I reach Mumbai.

But all thanks to Rummy

Usne muje jagaye rakha aur safar ko mazedaar banaye rakha !!

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