The History of Rummy

By | January 31, 2017

Rummy games are played all over the world in various countries, and the games are played by a big range of people as well as ages. Here, we will look at the background and history of 13 card game and why they have been considered so popular. In fact, rummy is the third most popular game all over the world.

Rummy variants belong to the draw and discard type of card games where a card is drawn and the commencement of a player’s turn and another discarded at the game’s end. The main aim of all rummy card games is to discard your cards before the other players, making you gain points and reprimanding others for the cards they have left at the end of the round.

There are various theories available that surround the history of rummy related to the origins of the rummy games and based on to whom you listen to, they are all quite feasible. However, in reality, almost certainly over the years the present rummy rules are a merger of different games.

Mahjong is a game that initiated in China and the playing pattern is the same to the game from around the 18th century. Soon different Western variations of Mahjong came into picture and a general assumption is that the game transformed following the swift reach of Chinese immigrants to the West.

Some versions of rummy game can be checked back to the game “Conquian,” discovered by the Spanish and brought to America by Spanish migrants. This game is regarded by different specialists to be the true predecessor of rummy and is very closely linked to the most popular of Rummy games, Gin Rummy.

Moving to a little in the history of rummy, the most popular variant, Gin Rummy is quite well agreed to have been discovered in the early 20th Century in New York, as stated above, from an offshoot of Conquian.

It is widely supposed that the history of the name “Gin Rummy” came from the originators’ love of drinking Gin. The game had been admired in the 1930’s and was played widely by the famous movie stars in Hollywood as a fast game to play between filming.

The popularity of rummy game was further improved all over the great depression when people liked to stay indoors and divert themselves by playing games apart from partake in different types of costly entertainment.

Overall, online rummy is very popular and give players the chance to play different versions of rummy online, in their own homes in spite of the time of day. This has assured the growing popularity of rummy game and will carry on doing so as playing rummy online becomes increasingly popular. Maybe we are only seeing the starting of the history of rummy!

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