Short cuts to win big in Rummy

By | August 21, 2017


The game of online Rummy, the latest sensation of the Web world, is a game of many twists and turns plus up and downs. It is simply impossible to gauge as to which of the players is good enough to win an ongoing game. There can be no absolute favourite to win any game as a single card is enough to turn the entire match in its opposite direction. However, if you have learned certain exclusive tactics by the virtue of having played online Rummy regularly, you can turn the game in your favour by using Rummy rules to your advantage. Let us now look into some of the shortcuts that can help you to win the game big.

Focus on your opponents:

Your job is half done when you observe your opponents’ moves closely. Every action of yours is dependent on your opponent’s moves. It is as simple as that. What your opponents pick or discard decides the fate of yours. The move of yours can be planned and executed in such a way that it troubles your opponents delaying their declaration. This is one of the tricks which you can use to win big in Rummy.

Knowledge of using jokers:

The joker cards or the random wild cards play a significant role in winning a Rummy game. The people who are well versed in using such joker cards will hardly face a drastic outcome. They know how to meld jokers and when to do it. They know the implications of discarding a joker card too and should they do it, they do it at the right time. When they are in touch with the joker cards, they finish the game very quickly.

Tricking your opponents:

When things fall out of place and you are struggling with Rummy, still you can secure a bigger win if you are good enough to trick your opponents. If you keep discarding lower value cards on turns or if you bluff by picking cards from the closed deck, your opponents may be pushed to think you are inches away from closing it out and hence may voluntarily drop the game, leaving you the clear winner of the game.

Prioritising your moves:

Since no Rummy can be declared without forming a pure sequence, you should ensure that the same is completed first. Later, you can go on forming other sequences / sets. Also, make sure you keep discarding high value cards right from the start so that you do not carry more points with you. When you are able to form pure sequence and free yourself of high value cards, you are almost there within a touching distance of conforming to the objectives of Rummy.

You simply can’t wait to have the Rummy game downloaded once you are through with the tricks which give you an edge over your opponents.

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