RummyCircle shares these strategies to win in Indian Rummy

By | January 14, 2016

Those who think that Indian Rummy is a game of chance are perhaps not familiar with the nuances of this centuries-old famous card game. Rummy is, in fact, a game of skill. In order to be a master rummy player, one has to have a certain prowess. This isn’t some rocket science. Even while reading RummyCircle review, you would realize that rummy is a fairly easy but heavily interesting game.

So here are a few tips shared by experts at RummyCircle that you can use to defeat your opponent:

  1. Pack it light – In order to win at Indian rummy, it is always recommended to stick to the basics. So, first thing first, get rid of the high value cards; discard them for they won’t serve you much of a purpose lest you want to lose the game.
  2. Get started – As soon as you are dealt your cards, sort them and try to make two sequences. Remember, in order to win in Indian Rummy, you need to have at least two sequences, out of which at least one has to be pure.
  3. Play the ‘joker’ – If you are lucky enough to get a joker, be smart enough to use it optimally because if you waste joker in a game, then folks, sadly, you are caught on the wrong foot and might have jeopardized your winning chances.
  4. Make your opponent throw card you need – This is one trick that might require a little time to master, but once you get the hold of it, changing odds in your favor can be quite easy. The idea is to make your opponent throw a card that you require. Sounds tricky? Here’s how you pull it off- If you want 5 of clubs, then you should discard a card of the same value (5 of any other suit) or the upper-value card (6) or (7), so the opponent thinks you don’t need the card of same value and he/she discards the card that you want.
  5. ‘Drop’ the act- If you realize that you have been dealt a bad hand and chances of turning the tables are very little, then be wise and drop the game. By doing this, you improve your chances of resurrecting in the next game.
  6. Keep an eye on cards picked or discarded – This is one trick that you need to be able to pull off. It involves keeping a track of the cards that have been picked or discarded. By knowing this, you can have a fairly good idea of the cards that your opponent have.

So now that we have given you an upper hand, use it and defeat your opponents. Log on to (for it is the largest 13 card game site) or any other site and try these tricks. Do let us know if you embark on the winning spree after following our tips.

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