Rummycircle Review : Enjoy Rummy on RummyCircle

By | September 11, 2015

I have loved playing cards and one game that I enjoyed a lot is “Rummy”. It has not only served as a source of enjoyment but also acted as a “Mind Booster”. It used to take lot of effort to keep track of the discarded pile & to remember the cards that the opponents picked up from that pile 🙂

With the advent of the internet, my favorite game of Rummy has also found a new destination. Now I sharpen my Rummy Skills by learning Rummy Rules on RummyCircle [RummyCircle earlier known as] is one of the top online rummy websites of India and claims to have the maximum number of registered users.

I have been playing Rummy on Rummycircle since many years & along with playing game on that platform, I also made good amount of money (remember, online Rummy is legal :)) via Rummycircle. In this article, I do an in-depth review of Rummycircle. We start by looking into some lucrative reasons to play Rummy on Rummycircle.

RummyCircle Detailed Review

Simple Design

If the game play is complicated than you would never enjoy playing a game. But this is definitely not true or RummyCircle, UX of the game is superb & makes playing Rummy delightful. If you are new user, just create an account with RummyCircle & within couple of minutes you would be on-board playing Rummy 🙂

Joining Bonus

RummyCircle offers it’s new users 100% joining bonus which can exceed upto Rs. 500 e.g. If you deposit Rs 500 in your Rummy Circle account, you get bonus of Rs.500.

Compete against real players

There are different types of levels of Rummy on the platform. If you are a novice or just want to try Rummy for fun, than you have a “Practice Game”. The intention of that game is to help you sharpen your Rummy skills so that you can compete with other players & win Real Cash. I personally liked that I was not playing Rummy against a computer but I had to compete with players from all over India.

Make money & chance to be Rummy Star

This statement sounds cliche but the fact is “You can make loads of real cash on RummyCircle”. It is easier said than done, but with more practice; you can make money. The testimonial section of RummyCircle says it all !! With more practice, you also stand a chance to enter into the elite club of “Rummy Stars”.

Rummy Stars get an exclusive platform to express their thoughts on how to improve skills. As a Rummy Star, you get detailed Social Analytics dashboard & you can harness the power of social by inviting your friends to join RummyCircle.

Rummy on mobile

Being an avid Rummy player, I wanted to play the game even when I am on the move. With the RummyCircle mobile app, I could enjoy Rummy on my Android cell phone. Considering that smart-phone & internet penetration is happening at a rapid pace, app was the need of the hour 🙂 Just like RummyCircle on web, mobile Rummy is also elegantly designed.

The cards are evenly placed & since the game only operates in Landscape mode, the movement from web to mobile was seamless!! You can download Rummy app. Some of my friends use an iPhone & they eagerly awaiting iOS app for RummyCircle.

There is an added bonus of joining RummyCircle – There are different types of Rummy tournaments and with Diwali not far off, you can expect a cracking Diwali by playing Rummy on RummyCircle.

RummyCircle review in a nutshell

As mentioned before, I have so far enjoyed playing Rummy on their platform. There are minor issues like Page Load time, un-availability of Rummy app on iOS etc. but I am sure that the RummyCircle is taking note of these requests and working on it 🙂

If you are a hard-core fan of Rummy, than my suggestion is “Join RummyCircle”.. Both for fun & making real cash.


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