Rummycircle Review by a Beginner

By | January 21, 2016

RummyCircle Review: It had been an unusually tiring day at work. And while stepping out of the office, the only thing lurking in my mind was the hectic metro ride ahead of me to reach my place- 1.5 hours of that long journey were harrowing, courtesy- the crowded train. The only hope I had was in my friend who would be riding with me. I was hoping his day was better than mine so that there could be some positive in the aura.

But on the contrary, throughout the journey, he kept shuffling between me and some new rummy game on his phone. It was damn irritating…so I asked him to make a choice- stop the rummy game or I will travel in the other metro. He didn’t flinch, and I had to wait for over 5 minutes for the next metro. He chose the rummy game because, and I quote him, “People at RummyCircle have launched a new version of their famous Indian rummy game. “. Obviously, the blank look on my face was enough to tell him that I didn’t know a damn about what he was talking.

RummyCircle Review by a Beginner Player

RummyCircle Review

“Rummy circle is the largest online rummy portal in India. How can you not know about it”

And that was it! I had to find for myself what this rummy circle was. So, I read a few RummyCircle reviews on the net and decided to straight away visit the site.

I must say, I was never so interested in card games but just by visiting, my interest was piqued. The layout was very simple, interactive and interesting, especially the RummyCircle review of users on the sites were quite assuring.  Since I was a novice at the game of rummy, I took help from the ‘learn how to play’ section. The tutorials were extremely easy to understand and quite helpful.

Then, I quickly created an account and started with the free trials. The User Interface was pretty good, especially the timer; lent a very cool feel to the entire game. Playing was easy…very easy and since RummyCircle is the largest rummy site, so there were many players I could play against. I am going to play a plenty more 13 card rummy games and then hopefully I will be able to beat that geek friend of mine.

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30 thoughts on “Rummycircle Review by a Beginner

  1. Akshay karamunge

    I m not able to withdraw my amount
    Because I have written my Nick name in my profile
    Which is not matching with my documents
    So I want to change my profile name….

      1. Dinesh

        Mera username Dinesh 98200 Hai Mera cash game chalu nahi ho raha hai security reason bata raha hai please mera chalu kar do.

  2. Velpula prasanth kumar

    I want to play Rummy circle game pls allow. Start tournament, cash games and etc kindly consider this

  3. Haribabu2211

    I want to play Rummy circle game please allow. Start tournament, cash games and etc kindly consider this.

  4. Ramesh

    I am not able to play rummy game. What is the problem. Account has amount but I am not able to play.

  5. Chinnasamy

    My account is not allowing me to play cash game please help me.

  6. Sudhakar

    I am not able to play .I Cannot withdraw money which is added to my rummy circle account.

  7. Machhindra

    My mobile is removed, pls send my first email & ;password 1700rs,in my account

  8. Mas momin

    My rummy circle account is not opening. I am not able to play. I have balance in my account. please activate my account.


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