RummyCircle : Play Rummy, make money and Sharpen skills…

By | June 14, 2016

Rummy as a game has always (and will be)  been a great companion and an essential part that has helped many of us to sharpen our minds. In Rummy, we need to constantly monitor the moves of the opponent players and many times, their move would a ‘Trigger’ to plan our next move!! When there was plan to play Rummy online and also on the-move, RummyCircle topped the list.

RummyCircle : Joining Bonus

As mentioned earlier, Rummy is a game of skill and hence improves our brain cell development. Being very active Rummy player, there was a keen interest to develop skills of other players at the same time, improve my own Rummy skills. Once registering on RummyCircle, Rummy player gets a bonus of Rs. 1000 (once you add cash in your account). This added bonus is one of the driving factors for many of us to get associated with RummyCircle.

In fact, RummyCircle pays Lakhs in bonuses every month!! To top it all, RummyCircle has one of the best Loyalty Programs vis-a-vis it’s other Rummy competitors.

RummyCircle : You are in company of like-minded Rummy Players

The best way to improve our own skills is to make mistakes, learn and improve. If you are a newbie in Rummy, RummyCircle has an interesting starter kit – Videos on how to play Rummy. But as it is said, you only learn when you implement that learning in real life. Once Rummy player is comfortable with the Rummy rules, RummyCircle gives them ‘Learning’ boost through Practice Tournaments. Practice Tournaments are completely free and are played without any money. RummyCircle has no cap on the maximum number of Practice Tournaments you can play on their platform.

Once comfortable with Rummy (and it’s rules), you can than play with real money on RummyCircle. Since your skills would be developed with every game, a chance of winning and making money also increases on their site. On RummyCircle, you are never alone and always competing with great minds in game of Rummy 🙂

RummyCircle : Wide-range of Tournaments

As mentioned earlier, RummyCircle is a site that caters to entire segment of Rummy players. There are ‘Cash Tournaments’ – Cash Rummy tournaments are those that are played for Real Cash and have Real Cash Prizes. To play Cash Rummy tournament on RummyCircle, you need to first add cash to your RummyCircle account.

There are lots of Promotional Rummy Tournaments on RummyCircle which we enjoyed playing a lot 🙂 There is no entry barrier for that tournament and you can win Real Cash. Various Promotional Rummy Tournaments are:

Mega Rummy Tournaments – Month long tournaments where you can expect maximum cash prizes to be won. More competition, bigger the prize money 🙂

Diwali Rummy Tournaments – As the name rightly suggests, this tournament is played every Diwali on RummyCircle. In fact, massive Rs 33 Lakhs were given out as Cash prizes in Diwali Rummy Tournament, 2011. Definitely, one of the tournaments that you should be waiting to participate on RummyCircle !!

RummyCircle : Play Rummy when on the move

In today’s time, Mobile screen is one screen that cannot be ignored. I have enjoyed playing RummyCircle on mobile and if you are using an Android phone, you can download rummy on the RummyCircle app. For non-Android users, you can still play Rummy on RummyCircle through their mobile website.

In a nutshell, there are not one, two but many more reasons to start playing online-rummy on RummyCircle. Just like many of us (who are active Rummy players on their platform), you would see noticeable changes in your Rummy skills once you are on RummyCircle 🙂

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