Play Rummy Online: Tips for Indian Rummy

By | July 11, 2013

Did you know, that the game of rummy has so many varieties that it could take first timers about 15 minutes to simply get to know about them before they can begin to play rummy online! Even as the game promises handsome wins and gains on success, there are some very essential rules, norms, tricks and strategies to abide by. If Indian Rummy happens to be your pick, there could be a fixed set of tips applicable for the same as well. Some essential ones have been listed here for your benefit.

Play Rummy Online the Indian Way: Some Strategies that May Help

If you wish to play rummy online successfully in the Indian format of the game, some of these rummy tips mentioned here could provide for a winning chance. Tips to adhere to would include:

• Discarding cards with high points first is a proven trick you need to adhere to. So, the picture cards and Aces must go at the outset. However, when discarding them, make sure that they are not going to prove useful to your partner. For instance, if you have made a couple of sequences and your rival has declared rummy, the sum of unused cards, if they happen to be high valued ones, will attribute to a high penalty. In such cases, discarding high point cards when you play rummy online will help.
• Making a couple of sequences is always advisable in Indian Rummy. Of these, try for at least one pure sequence. This will help if you stand to lose the deal. Then, you do not get the sum of all cards at hand. Besides, when you make one pure sequence, you can use a joker for making a second one as well.
• Using 3 or more cards as part of a sequence is also advisable. So, if you happen to receive more cards belonging to the same suit, a sequence comprising of more than three cards can be made when you play rummy online.
• Using your jokers judiciously is equally important as well. They can make a significant difference to any rummy deal game. So, if you are playing Indian Rummy, see if you already have a couple of sequences ready at hand. If you do, use the joker for completing other sequences. In an event where you do not have a couple of sequences at least, it would be prudent to complete them first with the aid of the joker when you play rummy online.

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