The History of Rummy

Rummy games are played all over the world in various countries, and the games are played by a big range of people as well as ages. Here, we will look at the background and history of 13 card game and why they have been considered so popular. In fact, rummy is the third most popular game… Read More »

Learn Different Types of Rummy Game to Play Effectively

Rummy is one of the most popular card games played by two to six people and a standard deck of 52 cards is needed. At the starting of the game a target score is decided by the players, which is normally 100. The cards are dealt in clockwise direction. The top card then goes around… Read More »

Is Playing Rummy Legal In India?

Gambling in India was initially controlled by the Public Gambling Act 1867, which is the central law on gambling currently, the power to enact lies completely within the State Legislature. Pursuant to this authority, most states in India have approved enactments laws. Indian rummy has been announced to be a game of skill or mere… Read More »

Origin and History of Rummy Card Game

Rummy is one of the most popular card games all over the world. The purpose of rummy is to create sets of cards called as melds. A meld can include three or four cards of the same rank, or three cards or more in series of the same suit. There are lots of different variants… Read More »

Tips on How to Win Rummy Card Game

There are no excuses for cheating to win a game. You may work on enhancing skills and know that there is totally no requirement to cheat. If you want to find out how to win in card games like rummy, then here are some successful tips to help you become a winner. Make sure that… Read More »

What Mistakes Will Keep You Away from Winning Rummy?

We all like playing rummy card game, but winning this game is a different thing all at once. In order to win a game like rummy, you require having the self-assurance on the cards in your hand and also some skills that can deceive your opponent player. Most of us create some errors after the… Read More »

Strategies to Play and Win Rummy Game

Strategies to play and win are very significant for everybody to learn rummy game and additionally more significant if you want to improve the chances of winning rummy game. Rummy is a game of destiny and skill and one has to really apply some rummy strategies to win. RummyCircle in India provides the 13 cards… Read More »

Does Rummy Game Affect Your Thinking Capacity?

All things you do in your personal life, no issue how insignificant it may look from the outside will have an effect on your thinking capacity. Then, why should a game like rummy that needs so much skill and capability would not have a noteworthy impact on you? Our life’s every experience can be meant… Read More »