Learn Different Types of Rummy Game to Play Effectively

By | January 27, 2017

Rummy is one of the most popular card games played by two to six people and a standard deck of 52 cards is needed. At the starting of the game a target score is decided by the players, which is normally 100. The cards are dealt in clockwise direction. The top card then goes around and left to the right to begin the discard pile. The fundamental principle of rummy is to go with cards into melds and sets and get left with no cards in your hand.

There are no official rummy rules. Over the years, various set of rules have come out across various countries for the same. Rummy can be classified among various types, some of which have been described here.

1) Gin Rummy: It is played with two players and sometimes four. A standard deck of fifty two cards is used with no wild cards. Ten players are dealt to every player. A meld includes three or more cards of the similar suit in a successive order. A player may only knock if they have ten points or less of deadwood. Player can dismiss cards only at the end. If the player melds all his cards with a deadwood count, then he declares Gin.

2) Oklahoma Gin: It is a two person edition of Gin rummy. The highest number of points that can be knocked by a player is determined by the rank of the up card at the beginning of the game.

3) Canasta: This edition of rummy is played with two decks of 54 cards (includes 52 cards and two jokers) making a sum of 54 cards. The number of cards dealt differs with the number of players. If 2 players, then 15 cards to each. If 3 to 4 players, then 13 cards to each and if 5 to 6 players, then 11 cards to each. The main aim of this version is to make the maximum points by melding one’s cards rather than going out more rapidly than your opposite player, like in other rummy versions. The hand ends when a player goes out with at least one Canasta. In case if you are playing with a partner, you can go out only with your partner’s permission.

4) Kalooki51: It is one more edition of online rummy and it uses a 54 cards deck. The ace in this rummy variation can be 1 or 11 and melding of Ace can be down in high or low runs. Once a player goes Kalooki each ace or joker in their opposite player’s hand will charge a penalty of 11 and 25 points.

5) Kalooki40: In this edition, a 54 cards deck (52 cards and two jokers) making a sum of 54 cards is used. In Kalooki 40, the value of Ace can completely be 11. Ace can be melded by using King or Queen, or as a minimum two other Aces. Once a player goes Kalooki, each ace or joker in an opposite player’s hand charges a penalty of 11 and 15 points accordingly.

So, these are the different types of rummy games, which you may use to play and win the game. You can download 13 cards rummy game on your mobile, download rummy app and play rummy anytime, anywhere.

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