How does rummy card game impact your thinking positively?

By | April 5, 2017

One big challenge in today’s world is the positive attitude towards life. It’s the similar feeling of a big smile when standing on the edge of a cliff. You are nervous but you are excited as well. Life will hit you hard, but rather than trying to escape it or drown in despair, there are ways to blow the steam off. One such game is rummy and if you are reading this post, then you would definitely want to know how it can help you think positively.

rummy card game

The game that challenges you

Rummy will always challenge you. It will make you think, push you forward and keep you focused. Can you really feel miserable in this state of mind? Rather than feeling all sad and totally in despair, try to play rummy online and just like other games, it will surely keep you on the edge.

Gives your mind a welcome break from mundane worries

Right from unpaid electricity bills to office promotion, there are worries that are a part of our everyday life. We definitely can’t resolve all of them in one go, but we would definitely want to relax and recharge ourselves to tackle them in a much better way. When you log into RummyCircle you get a table with bright colors, all placed to give you a positive mind frame. When you start playing the game, your entire focus is on the cards on hand and how to form those sets and sequences before your opponent. Till you are on the game, your mind will not worry about other petty issues. Once the game is over, your mind is completely refreshed and those worries will look insignificant and you’ll be able to tackle them almost immediately.

You take both losing and winning in your stride

Rummy is a skill based game and there can always be a tough competitor in front of you. That means, there is a possibility of losing a game if your opponent manages to outsmart you. But rummy players know how to take it in their stride. Similarly, when you win a rummy game, you know how to maintain your composure and not get carried away. The high and the lows are well accepted for any good rummy player. Of course, this quality helps you keep a positive outlook towards life as well. You know how to take things positively and move on.

Practical and well calculated decisions

One thing that add to our stress and push us away from our goals are our emotions. When emotions override judgement, it is hard to take calculated and practical decisions. However, rummy players don’t face this problem. Rummy teaches you to manage your emotions and play with your head. It is very important to do quick calculations and make the right move. Feeling overwhelmed or depressed can never help win a game.

Even though rummy is a simple 13 card game, it can teach valuable lessons of life and help keep a positive frame even in the toughest of circumstances.

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