How Changing Technology Has Impacted Rummy

By | May 8, 2014

Rummy has always been a highly popular game in India. It has been a much loved pastime for years. Whether it is a group of men playing on a crowded train, a group of women getting together for a kitty party or people sitting around a table in a posh club, this game has provided entertainment and excitement for generations. While our love for rummy has not changed, there are a few things that have certainly changed… all thanks to technology. Let’s have a look at how technology changes have impacted 13 card rummy.

Growth in Internet Usage

An increasing number of people are accessing the Internet every month. India’s Internet user base is expected to grow to around 370 million by 2015, according to the 2012 report published by McKinsey & Company. With the growth in Internet users, people playing online rummy has grown as well. The Internet has made it possible for people to play multiplayer games such as online rummy with an entertaining and exciting interface.

Higher Internet Speed

The speed of the Internet has grown significantly over the last decade. There are plans being offered from 1Mbps to 24Mbps. And these are not exorbitantly priced. With good Internet speeds being available to people, more are getting interested in gaming and, of course, in online rummy. Downloading rummy app is increasing day by day.

Safety and Security

Online transactions of money are far more secure now than they used to be. The average Internet user feels safe to provide personal details and make financial transactions online. Websites have strong privacy policies and a player can enjoy a game of rummy anonymously. Even the credit card or debit card details are secured. You can check for certification of world-renowned organizations for gaming such as iTech Labs to ensure that the site you are using to play online rummy is not fraudulent.

Affordability of Hardware

Technological advancements have made computers much more affordable. Purchasing a PC is no longer considered a luxury. Even laptops, smartphones and tablets have become affordable. With these portable devices being at reasonable prices, more people can play online rummy while on the go.

Development in Graphics

Rummy is even more entertaining with advancements in graphics. The highly friendly user interface and the visually appealing graphics make the game easier to understand and more attractive. In fact, advanced graphics simulates real life scenarios and one can easily associate with them.

So, now when you see a group of people playing cards on a train, they may be all playing on their different devices, with people from across the country!

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