Golden rules of Indian rummy

By | September 4, 2017


In India, Rummy game is the talking point of the entire nation nowadays. The game has gone viral ever since it hit online and is now being played length and breadth across the country by people of all ages. Having taken the entire country by storm, everyone seems to be so curious in entering this magical world of Rummy in India that the registrations in RummyCircle, the largest online promoter of Rummy, keep multiplying manifold on a regular basis. The Rummy game free download attracts everyone and the game is played by all sets of people having no room for any kind of disparities. If you are a Rummy aspirant looking for making inroads in the game, there are certain golden rules which you need to know about (not the literal rules of the game) that can make you a better Rummy player. So, without further ado, please find those important golden rules that one needs to know for dominating the skill game of Rummy.

Discarding high value cards:

Holding high value cards is always a burden for any individual. The high value cards namely A, K, Q and J carry 10 points each and so when a player declares, such cards if you hold at your end, you will lose with more points. Therefore, it is advisable to relieve yourself of high value cards by discarding them on each turn and ensure yourself a better hand. Unless you are sure of declaring with the available cards in a fewer turns, do not hold high value cards at all.

Form pure sequence first:

No Rummy is won or no declaration is valid unless pure sequence is formed. A pure sequence is nothing but formation of consecutive cards of the same suit minus joker. This is the primary objective of any type of Indian Rummy. So, as soon as you are dealt with the cards, have your focus fixed upon forming pure sequence only. You can meet other objectives of the game once you are done with forming the pure sequence.

Observe your opponents:

You must keenly observe the moves of your opponents and plan your own moves accordingly. In a Rummy game, it is not enough if you wisely make your own moves. It is your equal responsibility to make sure your opponents do not declare the game before you. So, it is important to watch his moves like a hawk and understand the types of sequences he wants to form. This observing power will help you to know which card to be picked and which to discard. So, this is one of the golden rules of Indian Rummy used by experts to trick his opponents.

Usage of jokers:

A joker card is the trump card that most often stands between your victory and defeat. The judicious usage of joker cards gives you an edge over your opponents. A joker card is nothing but a wild card (either can be a printed joker card or a card drawn randomly at the beginning of the game) which can be used to replace any card. You are not allowed, however, to form a pure sequence with the joker cards. It is usually used to form sequences or sets with high value cards.

Knowing the aforesaid four golden Rummy rules you can play Rummy and be a successful Rummy player if you are well versed with the game knowing all other aspects.

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