Get more than cash prize with rummy online

Being a popular game across the world, rummy was bound to be adapted to the virtual world sooner or later. Since its advent, rummy online has become the new challenge that game enthusiasts look for. Many players enjoy several rounds of the game online challenging players across the nation. Mostly, playing rummy online is associated with the cash prize it has in store, but the online version of this card game has much more to offer. Sites like have added elements to the game that make it all the more exciting. If you haven’t tried playing one yet, here’s what you’ve been missing –

Cash prize –
The most obvious benefit of course is the money you can win., a leading online rummy website, offers cash prizes worth lakhs to be won each month. Moreover,it gives players the opportunity to win gifts like LED TVs, DVD players, mobile phones and much more. When you register on a site to play rummy online you get some bonus points to get started. Using these points you can earn more and win tournaments. The cash prize you can earn in one day differs from site to site. On an average the amount may go up to a few thousand rupees.

Challenging games –
What every rummy enthusiast looks for is a challenging game with well-versed opponents. While it may be difficult to find such company in the conventional form of the game, online rummy brings you the chance to play with champions from across the nation. Turning the hand dealt to you into a set of winning cards needs proper strategizing and analysis. Moreover, the challenge here is that you are playing with opponents you don’t know. Such a challenge is exciting to many; hence rummy is a popular game amongst several card players.

Tournaments –
To add to the fun of challenges and prize money, sites for rummy online keep organising tournaments off and on. In these tournaments, players need to go through a qualifier round to reach the finals. Every round is challenging as there is cut throat competition for a bumper prize. constantly arranges tournaments for players across the country. Some of the tournaments they run include Welcome Tournament, Mega Rummy Tournament, Wednesday Surprise Tournament, Jumbo Tournaments and more.Festive times are marked with soecific promotions at like Diwali Rummy Tournament, Independence Day Tournament, Sankranti Rummy Tournament and the likes.

Great pastime –
Card games are a popular means of pastime around the world. The 13 card rummy game is amongst the most popular games that are played in India. However, playing the game the conventional way can be difficult in the busy life we lead. Playing rummy online gives you access to enjoy a round whenever you want and wherever you are. Moreover, playing on advanced sites like gives you the benefit of a user-friendly interface, loads of opponents to play with, constant availability of tournaments and contests and so on.

Now that you know what rummy online has in store for you, register on a site today and start enjoying the game with ace players. Game sites let you play the game with and without the use of money. Play your cards now!

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