Different Variants of Rummy, Different Tricks, What Will You Pick

By | July 10, 2017

rummy variations

Rummy is a fun game and we have already tried playing it at one point of time or the other. However, most of us try only one variant of rummy and then make our judgment based on it. What we don’t know is that each rummy variant is different and comes with its own set of challenges. Let’s take a look at the top three variants of rummy, points rummy, deals rummy and pool rummy. here is how to play rummy of different variation.

Points Rummy

This is the most commonly played rummy variant. The game is played with 13 cards where you need to form sequences and sets to make a valid declaration. However, you need to keep a check on how are the points calculated in this game. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when you are playing a points rummy game.

  1. Once you start playing the game and miss 3 consecutive turns, then you lose 40 points that is equivalent to a middle drop.
  2. If you are playing on a two-player table and if one of the players leave the table, then the other player automatically is the winner.
  3. There are only 25 moves allowed in each game and a player has to make a valid declaration within it. A maximum of 30 minutes is allocated for each game.
  4. In points rummy, a player can get a maximum of 80 points. In case, a valid declaration is not made, then the player is dropped with a loss of 80 points.

Deals Rummy

This is another variation of rummy where you are playing for a fixed number of deals and the player who wins at the end of all deals is the winner. In deals rummy, each player is given chips and the winning player accumulates all chips from the losing winners. At the end of the game, the player with maximum chips becomes the winner.

Pool Rummy

One of the simplest way to understand a pool rummy is to keep your score low. To win in pool rummy, you have to reach a zero score. If you are at a high score and reach a score of 101/201 in pool rummy, then you are eliminated from the game. Pools rummy is played in two types, 101 or 201 pool rummy. In each case, if a player reaches a score of 101 or 201, he is out of the game.


Even though all the three variants of rummy are played with 13 cards and at the base you need to form sets and sequences to make a valid declaration, it is the rules of rummy that change a bit in each variant. So, what are you going to play today?


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