Debunking some myths about online rummy

By | April 13, 2017

Rummy is a popular game but yet the confusion around the game doesn’t seem to reduce in any way. There are a lot of myths surrounding online rummy and that keeps the players from trying out the game over the web. But, myths are always farfetched and have no relation with reality whatsoever. Let’s look at some myths surrounding the game and the reality of the matter.

Debunking some myth about online rummy

The matter of luck

Myth – Rummy card game is based on luck

Fact – Rummy is a complete skill based game and even the Honorable Supreme Court is given its ruling on it. The only thing that can make you win or lose the game is how you play it. Practice makes a man perfect and this is true in rummy as well.

Big deposits to play

Myth – Players need to make large cash deposits

Fact – Registration to online rummy websites is completely free and a player can start playing cash games with a minimal deposit. Further, there are sign up bonuses, offers, promocodes that help the player get the maximum out of each game.

Not interesting enough

Myth – Online rummy wastes time and doesn’t feel real

Fact – Online rummy announces big prize winners every day. Special tournaments and cash games, show how players are playing from around India and winning cash in real time. Players can also interact with each other and make online rummy a fun and social activity.

Small prize amount

Myth – The cash prizes are of a small amount

Fact – Anyone who has played online rummy knows about the Jackpot tournaments, big cash games and special tournaments that are running. Online games offer the best benefit with special rewards and real cash. You just have to experience it to believe how large it gets.

Payment paths are not secure

Myth – The payment paths are not secure and confidential details can be compromised

Fact – The simple way to close this myth is to check for a https when you enter the website. Most rummy websites offer a complete secure gateway to add and withdraw cash and store player details. The websites are completely legal and all players are protected by law.

Playing online rummy 13 card game is no way different from playing rummy with friends and family members. In fact, if you want a better experience, a good game and big rewards then online rummy is the place to be.

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