Ace the 13 card Rummy with the help of RummyCircle

By | February 17, 2016

Any game, which includes cards, ensures unlimited fun. Be it literal form or digital, 13 card game are always preferred to kill the time and improve one’s card skills. Now as the online rummy’s name has been mentioned, how can we concentrate on its physical form which might be the essence of get-together but cannot beat the need of this hour?

As RummyCircle is acknowledging that need for a very long time by offering varieties of online Rummy games, this time, the online card games’ portal thought to give you some tips and tricks, which would help you to master the game if you give them a try!

Focus on your opponent’s moves: a little more attention towards your opponent’s cards that have been picked and discarded, will help you to not only get a better grasp of the game but use your opponent’s moves against him/her. If you want your opponent not to pick up your discarded card, then use your rapid math to guess his/her cards’ sequence once your opponent picks up your card.

Throw a high point card: in order to reduce the number of points in your hand, discarding a high point card is not a bad option at all. Don’t take it the other way either and lose a useful high point card. The ultimate benefit of this high point card discarding is that you can get fewer points that help you to maintain a low score in the game after your opponent declares Rummy.

3+ cards’ sequence: don’t discard the fourth card if it’s consecutive because you think that you need only three consecutive cards in the game. Discarding a less useful card is a wise decision but not a fourth consecutive card.

Two sequences’ requirement: The moment cards are dealt, try to make two sequences as soon as possible, advices RummyCircle. It will help you to get fewer points in case you lose the Rummy hand. You can also use one joker to make another sequence once you make a pure sequence.

To get more idea about the 13 cards game, watch the demo videos on and don’t forget to check out the RummyCircle reviews, which are proving the aforementioned points’ legitimacy.

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