13cardsrummy.com is a blog for people who like to play online card games like 13 cards rummy. Check out 13 cards rummy tips, tournaments and info on websites that offer 13 cards rummy online for cash

13cardsrummy.com is a blog for the online rummy players and also the card game lovers in India. 13 cards rummy website itself is not providing any game to play online but is just providing news, information, tips and websites that provides online rummy in India for people who want to test their skills for fun, time pass, win cash and networking.

Although games of skill and playing cash games online may not be absolutely legal in entire India and/or many places around the world where gamers could be located. 13cardsrummy.com is not responsible for determining the location of such players and participating in such games is the responsibility of the players who should understand and verify if they can play and participate in such games legally

Also, 13cardsrummy.com does not accept any responsibility for the content of external sites, each of the external website have their own terms and conditions and it is your wish and responsibility to accept or decline those terms on a website to website.

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