You can earn lakhs by taking part in these Rummy Tournaments

RummyCircle offers best-in-class Rummy gaming experience online. What could be better than making money while playing!There are so many Rummy tournaments on RummyCircle, you’re bound to win exciting prizes and money.

Check out these tempting RummyCircle tournaments.


The ‘Chamber of Royalty’ promises attractive prizes along with exclusive privilidges.

There are six different club tournaments in total. Find out the best for you.

  1. Platinum Elite Tournament


When can you play: Every Monday (Elite Club Tournament: every Thursday)

Registration Time: 6:30PM – 7:55PM

Prize: Rs. 2.5 Lakh (Rs. 50,000 in Elite Club Tournament)

Start time: 8:00PM

Entry: Free



  1. Platinum Club Tournament


When can you play: Every Monday (Elite Club Tournament: every Thursday)

Registration Time: 6:30PM – 7:55PM

Prize: Rs. 2.5 Lakh (Rs. 50,000 in Elite Club Tournament)

Start time: 8:00PM

Entry: Free


  1. Diamond Club Tournament


When can you play: Every Monday

Registration Time: 6:30PM – 7:55PM

Prize: Rs. 1 Lakh

Start time: 8:00PM

Entry: Free


  1. Gold Club Tournament


When can you play: Every Tuesday

Registration Time: 6:30PM – 7:55PM

Prize: Rs. 80,000

Start time: 8:00PM

Entry: Free


  1. Silver Club Tournament


When can you play: Every Tuesday

Registration Time: 6:30PM – 7:55PM

Prize: Rs. 40,000

Start time: 8:00PM

Entry: Free


  1. Bronze Club Tournament


When can you play: Every Tuesday

Registration Time: 6:30PM – 7:55PM

Prize: Rs. 25,000

Start time: 8:00PM

Entry: Free

Jumbo Tournaments


This comprises of Jumbo Weekly, Jumbo Everybody Wins, and Monday Jumbo tournaments. Win up to Rs. 5 lakh a day by taking part in these three tournaments. There is no entry fee charged.

  1. Jumbo Weekly


When can you play: Tuesday to Friday

Registration Time: 11:00AM – 2:25PM

Prize: Rs. 40,000

Start time: 2:30PM

Entry: Free

  1. Jumbo Everybody Wins


When can you play: 24 September 2016

Registration Time: 9:00AM – 2:55PM

Prize: Rs. 5 lakh

Start time: 3:00PM

Entry: Free


  1. Monday Jumbo


When can you play: Every Monday

Registration Time: 11:00AM – 2:25PM

Prize: Rs. 1 lakh

Start time: 2:30PM

Entry: Free

Your Strike


Do you love and live cricket? Well this is not exactly cricket but you’ve got four exciting options, or let’s say deliveries, from RummyCircle offering Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 7.2 lakh.

Gear up every Wednesday for Smooth Single, Dashing Double, Marvellous Boundary and Splendid Sixer.

You can only play one of the tournaments, so choose accordingly. Registrations start from 5:55 PM on Wednesday.

You will never find a better online Rummy portal with so many tournaments in its bucket. Your chances of winning prizes shine most on RummyCircle.

Friday Favourites


Another reason to cherish Fridays is here. Not only can you win up to Rs. 1.5 lakh, there’s a guaranteed prize for every participant.


When can you play: Every Friday

Registration Time: 5:30 PM to 7.55 PM

Prize: Rs. 1.5 lakh

Start time: 8:00PM

Entry: Free

Weekend Loot


This Loot is better than the best because it has prizes for everyone. Play four exciting qualifiers and win fantastic prizes throughout the day. You can win staggering Rs. 14 Lakh in the premium Loot!

You can take part in qualifiers every Saturday, from 2:00PM to 7:25PM.

The Grand Finale is held every Sunday. Register window ranges from 6:00PM to 7:55PM.

You will never find a better online Rummy portal with so many tournaments in its bucket. Your chances of winning prizes shine most on RummyCircle.


RummyCircle : Play Rummy, make money and Sharpen skills…

Rummy as a game has always (and will be)  been a great companion and an essential part that has helped many of us to sharpen our minds. In Rummy, we need to constantly monitor the moves of the opponent players and many times, their move would a ‘Trigger’ to plan our next move!! When there was plan to play Rummy  online and also on the-move, RummyCircle topped the list.

RummyCircle : Joining Bonus

As mentioned earlier, Rummy is a game of skill and hence improves our brain cell development. Being very active Rummy player, there was a keen interest to develop skills of other players at the same time, improve my own Rummy skills. Once registering on RummyCircle, Rummy player gets a bonus of Rs. 1000 (once you add cash in your account). This added bonus is one of the driving factors for many of us to get associated with RummyCircle.

In fact, RummyCircle pays Lakhs in bonuses every month!! To top it all, RummyCircle has one of the best Loyalty Programs vis-a-vis it’s other Rummy competitors.

RummyCircle : You are in company of like-minded Rummy Players

The best way to improve our own skills is to make mistakes, learn and improve. If you are a newbie in Rummy, RummyCircle has an interesting starter kit – Videos on how to play Rummy. But as it is said, you only learn when you implement that learning in real life. Once Rummy player is comfortable with the Rummy rules, RummyCircle gives them ‘Learning’ boost through Practice Tournaments. Practice Tournaments are completely free and are played without any money. RummyCircle has no cap on the maximum number of Practice Tournaments you can play on their platform.

Once comfortable with Rummy (and it’s rules), you can than play with real money on RummyCircle. Since your skills would be developed with every game, a chance of winning and making money also increases on their site. On RummyCircle, you are never alone and always competing with great minds in game of Rummy 🙂

RummyCircle : Wide-range of Tournaments

As mentioned earlier, RummyCircle is a site that caters to entire segment of Rummy players. There are ‘Cash Tournaments’ – Cash Rummy tournaments are those that are played for Real Cash and have Real Cash Prizes. To play Cash Rummy tournament on RummyCircle, you need to first add cash to your RummyCircle account.

There are lots of Promotional Rummy Tournaments on RummyCircle which we enjoyed playing a lot 🙂 There is no entry barrier for that tournament and you can win Real Cash. Various Promotional Rummy Tournaments are:

Mega Rummy Tournaments – Month long tournaments where you can expect maximum cash prizes to be won. More competition, bigger the prize money 🙂

Diwali Rummy Tournaments – As the name rightly suggests, this tournament is played every Diwali on RummyCircle. In fact, massive Rs 33 Lakhs were given out as Cash prizes in Diwali Rummy Tournament, 2011. Definitely, one of the tournaments that you should be waiting to participate on RummyCircle !!

There are many more tournaments and you can find about the same here

RummyCircle : Play Rummy when on the move

In today’s time, Mobile screen is one screen that cannot be ignored. I have enjoyed playing RummyCircle on mobile and if you are using an Android phone, you can download the RummyCircle app here. For non-Android users, you can still play Rummy on RummyCircle through their mobile website

In a nutshell, there are not one, two but many more reasons to start playing online-rummy on RummyCircle. Just like many of us (who are active Rummy players on their platform), you would see noticeable changes in your Rummy skills once you are on RummyCircle 🙂

RummyCircle: Best Rummy Experience and Fair Player Policy

In today’s progressive era, internet has changed the entire landscape. Talking about gaming, Indian card games and many more have also found a new home in the game of ‘Online Gaming’.  A game that most of us (be it youngsters or aged people) enjoy playing is Indian RummyRummyCircle tops the list in the trusted Rummy websites. Let’s look into why RummyCircle makes ‘Playing Rummy more enjoyable’ and takes Reliability for online gaming to whole new level.

Online Rummy is legal – When we look at any game that involves monetary transaction, we always think whether it is ‘Legal or not’? You would definitely have that thought in mind about online Rummy.  Rummy has been declared as a game of skill by the Supreme Court of India and it is a game that involves game planning, decision making skills and strategic skills. RummyCircle being a pioneer in online Rummy gaming vertical adheres to all these policies and ensure that there is no breach of conduct.

Lean till you can earn – We are sure that many of us might be newbie’s in playing Rummy and the only way to learn when playing online is to view online tutorials (about the game). RummyCircle has left no stone un-turned to woo its customers by providing explainer videos that make understanding game of Rummy and Rummy rules a simple task.

Once you have learnt about Rummy rules, you can use that understanding to practice by playing Practice Tournaments on RummyCircle There are no chips (money) involved in these tournaments and you can play till you feel that you have gained enough confidence to take the plunge (by participating in Cash Tournaments).

Your money is in safe hands – RummyCircle is very serious about data security and ensure that every transaction on the site is 100% secure. RummyCircle has been certified by ITech Labs and adheres to all the regulations listed down by the organization. Payment partners that have joined hands with RummyCircle are BillDesk, CC Avenue, Paytm, Mobikwik to name a few. We are sure that this list would have imbibed lot of confidence in you to create an account on RummyCircle.

Payments are normally processed every 24 hours (which are either online or trough cheques). This means that money earned online on RummyCircle lands in your account at the earliest. Their customer service help-desk is always reachable that makes sure that your queries are answered.

Seamless game play – In today’s era, one screen that cannot be ignored is the ‘Mobile Screen’. Players on RummyCircle have an option to play Rummy on their site or play the game on the RummyCircle App. They have app on Play Store as well as the Apple Store. You may ask that there is another category of players who have neither of them, for them RummyCircle can be accessed on their browser by logging in to RummyCircle Mobile So go-ahead download the app and play Rummy while you are on-the-go.

Various Player tournaments – At RummyCircle, they follow the Fair Play Policy. They ensure that all players (newbie’s as well as experts) get a chance to learn, play and earn. Newbie’s can learn and practice via the Practice Tournaments and players interested in playing with real money have options to play Points Rummy/Pool Rummy & more through their Cash Rummy tournaments

Any service is known by what its customers have to say about them. Rummy Stars (as they are termed on RummyCircle) absolutely love them and their Testimonials Page gives positive vibes to the entire Rummy fraternity.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead..create an account on RummyCircle and make the most out the awesome Rummy experience!!

Ace the 13 card Rummy with the help of RummyCircle

Any game, which includes cards, ensures unlimited fun. Be it literal form or digital, 13 card games are always preferred to kill the time and improve one’s card skills. Now as the online rummy’s name has been mentioned, how can we concentrate on its physical form which might be the essence of get-together but cannot beat the need of this hour?

As RummyCircle is acknowledging that need for a very long time by offering varieties of online Rummy games, this time, the online card games’ portal thought to give you some tips and tricks, which would help you to master the game if you give them a try!

Focus on your opponent’s moves: a little more attention towards your opponent’s cards that have been picked and discarded, will help you to not only get a better grasp of the game but use your opponent’s moves against him/her. If you want your opponent not to pick up your discarded card, then use your rapid math to guess his/her cards’ sequence once your opponent picks up your card.

Throw a high point card: in order to reduce the number of points in your hand, discarding a high point card is not a bad option at all. Don’t take it the other way either and lose a useful high point card. The ultimate benefit of this high point card discarding is that you can get fewer points that help you to maintain a low score in the game after your opponent declares Rummy.

3+ cards’ sequence: don’t discard the fourth card if it’s consecutive because you think that you need only three consecutive cards in the game. Discarding a less useful card is a wise decision but not a fourth consecutive card.

Two sequences’ requirement: The moment cards are dealt, try to make two sequences as soon as possible, advices RummyCircle. It will help you to get fewer points in case you lose the Rummy hand. You can also use one joker to make another sequence once you make a pure sequence.

To get more idea about the 13 cards game, watch the demo videos on and don’t forget to check out the RummyCircle reviews, which are proving the aforementioned points’ legitimacy.

Rummy circle offers a wide range of bonus offers and tournaments for 13 cards Rummy

With the march of technology and mobile apps the trend of online gaming has gained momentum over the time.  Rummy is one of the most popular card games which involve a set of certain skills. If you are fond of card games, then Rummy Circle is the perfect platform to challenge your skills with a game of 13 cards Rummy. It is the largest online rummy portal in India which offers an array of bonus offers and tournaments for 13 cards rummy to make the customer’s gaming experience entertaining to the core. There are several rummycircle reviews and feedback by the customers winning exciting prizes on

The bonus offers include Supreme Bonus, Club Bonus and Friday Bonus. The customer wins himself a chance to get 20% along with an exclusive ticket to the Supreme Tournament and a guaranteed prize of Rs 100 in the Supreme Bonus tournament. The Club Bonus offers an awesome win-win deal with additional Club Bonus up to 50%, counting up to a maximum of r 3,000. In the Friday Bonus, the player can win an exciting deal with additional 15% Bonus and get a maximum of Rs 1500.

The tournaments include Weekend Loot, Sunday Masters, Club Tournaments, 7 Daily Jackpots, Jumbo Tournaments and Reward Point Tournament. All the cash prizes and bonus amounts offered in the tournaments at Rummy circle are indicative in nature.  The number of tournaments held, tournament occupancy and amount of bonus picked up determine the actual amount won by the customer.

Travelling long distance, kill time with Indian Card game – Rummy

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we say “Long distance travel”. The first thought that comes to our mind is what would you do to pass time? Logically thinking, there are many options like Watching Movies, Read books, Chit-Chatting with others our simply watching outside. But all these options can be explored depending on the mode of transport.

I prefer travelling by train instead of going by bus even if both these options are available for both the routes. One of the primary advantages of travelling by train is that you can walk around the compartment, get down when there is an intermediate halt and most of all, it is an interesting place where you get meet varied people J When I was on such a trip from Bengaluru to Mumbai, some of my friends insisted that I should carry a pack of cards. I was amazed about why they were saying so!! They told that since it is a long journey, at one point in time you would get bored by watching movies or reading books. So once you are bored, create a small group so that you can play Indian card games.

My next question to him is “What are some of the available card games in India” which would be fit for playing in trains as well (Remember, we did not want to play any game that involves money since that would have been a Gamble).

Some of the card games that can be explored as below:

3-2 5: In case of 3-2-5, the number of cards are reduced from 52 to 30. Cards from value of 8 onwards for all the suits, 7 of Hearts, 7 of Spades are included. This leaves us with total of 30 cards. It is only a 3 player game. There are total of 10 tricks.

A dealer is chosen one by one. One who deals the cards is supposed to make 2 tricks, the next players needs to do 5 tricks and the third player needs to do 3 tricks. The second player also gets a chance to choose the Trump. 5 Cards are distributed to each player.
The lead player is the one who sets the trump. The next set of players can set the trump are the ones who win the trick. On each trick or turn, the player who has attained the highest wins unless that player has been trumped. It is very much possible that a particular make more or less tricks than what is expected. This would impact the next deal.

Satte Pe Satti: This game can be played with 3 to 10 players. The person with 7 of ‘Hearts’ starts the game. The next player either places 7 of other suit or 6/8 of ‘Heart’. The main aim is to finish the cards in hand or at least clear off the heavy cards and also block the other player’s cards. Game ends when one player finishes all the cards. Points are calculated at the end and the player with the least points is declared the ‘Winner’

Indian Rummy (or Rummy)Indian Rummy is not only a card game but a “Brain Vitalizer”. It is a great exercise for your brain since the player needs to keep a watchful eye on his opponent’s game since that decides the next steps. It is an awesome game that can help you to how to improve your concentration level.

Coming to the rules of Indian Rummy, it is a game that can be played with 2 or 6 players. It can be played with a single deck or 2 decks of cards. A player needs to first distribute the cards to all the players and that is called as “Dealing”. Joker or a Paplu is selected at the start of the game. Joker is powerful card and hence we also call it as the trump card.

Sets & Sequences form the core of the game. Set has 3 or more cards containing of the different suits but of the same value. Sequence has 3 or more cards containing of same suit but the cards need to be in a sequence/order. Pure Sequence is very different from normal Sequence since it is a Sequence that does not involve any Joker. Player who declares Rummy needs to have at least one Pure Sequence.

The detailed rules of Rummy need to be mastered in order to have a great hold on the game.

With so many options for card games in India, I decided to explore them in the train. Obviously, I had some initial acquaintance with my fellow passengers. But when I proposed these options, most of them opted for the Indian Rummy and the reason was very well-known J I am sure if my friend wouldn’t have suggested me to carry a pack of cards, I would have been a tired & exhausted person by the time I reach Mumbai.

But all thanks to Rummy

Usne muje jagaye rakha aur safar ko mazedaar banaye rakha !!

RummyCircle Review by a beginner

It had been an unusually tiring day at work. And while stepping out of the office, the only thing lurking in my mind was the hectic metro ride ahead of me to reach my place- 1.5 hours of that long journey were harrowing, courtesy- the crowded train. The only hope I had was in my friend who would be riding with me. I was hoping his day was better than mine so that there could be some positivity in the aura. But on the contrary, throughout the journey, he kept shuffling between me and some new rummy game on his phone. It was damn irritating…so I asked him to make a choice- stop the rummy game or I will travel in the other metro. He didn’t flinch and I had to wait for over 5 minutes for the next metro. He chose the rummy game because, and I quote him, “People at RummyCircle have launched a new version of their famous Indian rummy game. “. Obviously, the blank look on my face was enough to tell him that I didn’t know a damn about what he was talking.

RummyCircle Reviews

Rummy circle is the largest online rummy portal in India. How can you not know about it”

And that was it! I had to find for myself what this rummy circle was. So I read a few rummycircle reviews on the net and decided to straight away visit the site.

I must say, I was never so interested in card games but just by visiting, my interest was piqued. The layout was very simple, interactive and interesting, especially the reviews of users on the sites were quite assuring.  Since I was a novice at the game of rummy, I took help from the ‘learn how to play’ section. The tutorials were extremely easy to understand and quite helpful.

Then, I quickly created an account and started with the free trials. The User Interface was pretty good, especially the timer; lent a very cool feel to the entire game. Playing was easy…very easy and since RummyCircle is the largest rummy site, so there were many players I could play against. I am going to play a plenty more games and then hopefully I will be able to beat that geek friend of mine.

RummyCircle shares these strategies to win in Indian Rummy

Those who think that Indian Rummy is a game of chance are perhaps not familiar with the nuances of this centuries-old famous card game. Rummy is, in fact, a game of skill. In order to be a master rummy player, one has to have a certain prowess. This isn’t some rocket science. Even while reading RummyCircle review, you would realize that rummy is a fairly easy but heavily interesting game.

So here are a few tips shared by experts at RummyCircle that you can use to defeat your opponent:

  1. Pack it light – In order to win at Indian rummy, it is always recommended to stick to the basics. So, first thing first, get rid of the high value cards; discard them for they won’t serve you much of a purpose lest you want to lose the game.
  2. Get started – As soon as you are dealt your cards, sort them and try to make two sequences. Remember, in order to win in Indian Rummy, you need to have at least two sequences, out of which at least one has to be pure.
  3. Play the ‘joker’ – If you are lucky enough to get a joker, be smart enough to use it optimally because if you waste joker in a game, then folks, sadly, you are caught on the wrong foot and might have jeopardized your winning chances.
  4. Make your opponent throw card you need – This is one trick that might require a little time to master, but once you get the hold of it, changing odds in your favor can be quite easy. The idea is to make your opponent throw a card that you require. Sounds tricky? Here’s how you pull it off- If you want 5 of clubs, then you should discard a card of the same value (5 of any other suit) or the upper-value card (6) or (7), so the opponent thinks you don’t need the card of same value and he/she discards the card that you want.
  5. ‘Drop’ the act- If you realize that you have been dealt a bad hand and chances of turning the tables are very little, then be wise and drop the game. By doing this, you improve your chances of resurrecting in the next game.
  6. Keep an eye on cards picked or discarded – This is one trick that you need to be able to pull off. It involves keeping a track of the cards that have been picked or discarded. By knowing this, you can have a fairly good idea of the cards that your opponent have.

So now that we have given you an upper hand, use it and defeat your opponents. Log on to (for it is the largest Indian Rummy site) or any other site and try these tricks. Do let us know if you embark on the winning spree after following our tips.

Win Jumbo prizes every day at Jumbo tournament

At RummyCircle, we plan to give an amazing end to your long, dedicated month. What favored mode to do it than with a competition that offers Rs 30000 in genuine money prizes!

A substantial number of players have played and won in this invigorating competition.

Biju, a past victor of this competition, shares his delight of winning. “I am a big fan of RummyCircle & this has been an awesome day for me as I won Jumbo Grand Tournament. I have been playing on RummyCircle for many years but I have won a big amount for the first time!” he says.

Yes, fulfillment for the sake of entertainment is ensured! Additionally is that the prize is of Rs 30,000 in daily prizes Monday to Friday. So no point holding up. Rather, rigging up with your Rummy Skills for an amusing week from Monday to Friday. Registration Time 11:00 AM to 2:25 PM. Tournament Start Time 2:30 PM .Make an effort not to miss the shot.

The passage is totally FREE for all cash players. Be that as it may, to be a cash player, you more likely to be a cash player, you must have made at least one cash deposit (of as little as Rs 25) and should have played at least one cash game before the tournament.

Subodhgita “I have been playing on RummyCircle since year 2010 and winning cash prizes keeps me motivated. Really happy to win Jumbo Grand Tournament. Emerging a winner among 8000 players in my achievement.” he shares his Rummycircle audit

Play to experience Biju and Subodhgita‘s satisfaction and impart your stories to us. Just play, trust in your rummy skills, and win Jumbo money! Make your weekend productive and fun.

Play Rummy tournament online at RummCircle an win many cash prizes every day.

Rummycircle Review : Enjoy Rummy on RummyCircle

I have loved playing cards and one game that I enjoyed a lot is “Rummy”. It has not only served as a source of enjoyment but also acted as a “Mind Booster”. It used to take lot of effort to keep track of the discarded pile & to remember the cards that the opponents picked up from that pile 🙂

With the advent of the internet, my favorite game of Rummy has also found a new destination. Now I sharpen my Rummy Skills by learning Rummy Rules on RummyCircle [RummyCircle earlier known as] is one of the top online rummy websites of India and claims to have the maximum number of registered users.

I have been playing Rummy on Rummycircle since many years & along with playing game on that platform, I also made good amount of money (remember, online Rummy is legal :)) via Rummycircle. In this article, I do an in-depth review of Rummycircle. We start by looking into some lucrative reasons to play Rummy on Rummycircle.

RummyCircle Detailed Review

Simple Design

If the game play is complicated than you would never enjoy playing a game. But this is definitely not true or RummyCircle, UX of the game is superb & makes playing Rummy delightful. If you are new user, just create an account with RummyCircle & within couple of minutes you would be on-board playing Rummy 🙂

Joining Bonus

RummyCircle offers it’s new users 100% joining bonus which can exceed upto Rs. 500 e.g. If you deposit Rs 500 in your Rummy Circle account, you get bonus of Rs.500.

Compete against real players

There are different types of levels of Rummy on the platform. If you are a novice or just want to try Rummy for fun, than you have a “Practice Game”. The intention of that game is to help you sharpen your Rummy skills so that you can compete with other players & win Real Cash. I personally liked that I was not playing Rummy against a computer but I had to compete with players from all over India.

Make money & chance to be Rummy Star

This statement sounds cliche but the fact is “You can make loads of real cash on RummyCircle”. It is easier said than done, but with more practice; you can make money. The testimonial section of RummyCircle says it all !! With more practice, you also stand a chance to enter into the elite club of “Rummy Stars”.

Rummy Stars get an exclusive platform to express their thoughts on how to improve skills. As a Rummy Star, you get detailed Social Analytics dashboard & you can harness the power of social by inviting your friends to join RummyCircle.

Rummy on mobile

Being an avid Rummy player, I wanted to play the game even when I am on the move. With the RummyCircle mobile app, I could enjoy Rummy on my Android cell phone. Considering that smart-phone & internet penetration is happening at a rapid pace, app was the need of the hour 🙂 Just like RummyCircle on web, mobile Rummy is also elegantly designed.

The cards are evenly placed & since the game only operates in Landscape mode, the movement from web to mobile was seamless!! You can download RummyCircle app. Some of my friends use an iPhone & they eagerly awaiting iOS app for RummyCircle.

There is an added bonus of joining RummyCircle – There are different types of Rummy tournaments and with Diwali not far off, you can expect a cracking Diwali by playing Rummy on RummyCircle.

RummyCircle review in a nutshell

As mentioned before, I have so far enjoyed playing Rummy on their platform. There are minor issues like Page Load time, un-availability of Rummy app on iOS etc. but I am sure that the RummyCircle is taking note of these requests and working on it 🙂

If you are a hard-core fan of Rummy, than my suggestion is “Join RummyCircle”.. Both for fun & making real cash.