The Most Popular Types of Rummy You Should Know About

Rummy, the most happening online game in India, is played in multiple styles. There are more than one kind of Rummy available to be played in RummyCircle, the popular among those being Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy and Points Rummy, each of which is uniquely designed. You are free to choose the type that suits your… Read More »

What is Pool Rummy All About

Typically, three kinds of online Rummy games are popular in India. They are Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy and Points Rummy, each of which is uniquely designed and therefore interesting to play. We will now look into detail as to how Pool Rummy, is probably the lengthiest of them all, and is played in RummyCircle in… Read More »

What is the Role of Jokers in Indian Rummy 13 Cards Game

Joker is also known as the trump card in Indian rummy. It is one card that helps you form your sequences and sets fast and declare yourself as the winner. But what is really the role of Jokers in Indian rummy, especially when you are playing rummy for cash. Let’s take a closer look at… Read More »

Debunking some myths about online rummy

Rummy is a popular game but yet the confusion around the game doesn’t seem to reduce in any way. There are a lot of myths surrounding online rummy and that keeps the players from trying out the game over the web. But, myths are always farfetched and have no relation with reality whatsoever. Let’s look… Read More »

How does rummy card game impact your thinking positively?

One big challenge in today’s world is the positive attitude towards life. It’s the similar feeling of a big smile when standing on the edge of a cliff. You are nervous but you are excited as well. Life will hit you hard, but rather than trying to escape it or drown in despair, there are… Read More »

What is the best way to celebrate Ugadi Festival?

Ugadi is the festival of innovation and beginning of new interests. As showed by Hindu calendar, it is said as the primary day of the New Year. Ugadi is praised with merry intensity in Andhra Pradesh , Maharashtra and Karnataka. The importance of binds mango leaves identifies with a legend. Green mango leaves to the… Read More »

The History of Rummy

Rummy games are played all over the world in various countries, and the games are played by a big range of people as well as ages. Here, we will look at the background and history of 13 card game and why they have been considered so popular. In fact, rummy is the third most popular game… Read More »

Learn Different Types of Rummy Game to Play Effectively

Rummy is one of the most popular card games played by two to six people and a standard deck of 52 cards is needed. At the starting of the game a target score is decided by the players, which is normally 100. The cards are dealt in clockwise direction. The top card then goes around… Read More »